We look forward to your stay at Brunello Villa! Here's some information for a smooth check-in. 

We've streamlined the check-in/check-out process for our guests. You have flexible arrival and departure within the check-in/check-out times. There's no need to meet anyone to do a key exchange! 


Anytime after 


Anytime before


Brunello Villa in Davenport, Florida


802 Brunello Drive
Davenport, FL 33897

Directions from Orlando Intl Airport (MCO) 40 mins.

Directions from Tampa Intl Airport (TPA) 1 hour 10 mins.

Map of Brunello Villa Location

(lat 28.319469 / long -81.667390)


Tuscan Hills is a gated community, which means only people that also have a gate code may enter the grounds. You will receive a code to the community gate via email approximately 1 month to 1 week before your check-in.

STEP 1: Drive up to the Tap2Open keypad.

STEP 2: Enter the personal pin. This can be found in your check-in email.

There is an entry pass hanging inside the door at the villa. You may use that during your stay for easy entry into the community. 

The community gate at Tuscan Hills


Here is a video we made demonstrating how to use to keypad. Please forgive my overly perky, strong American accent.


Or, follow the written instructions below.
Turn deadbold manually


There is a keypad on the door to enter the villa. You will receive a code to the home door via email approximately 1-week before your check-in.

STEP 1: Enter the code via the keypad.

STEP 2: Manually turn the deadbolt to open the door as the green light flashes.

How to use Schlage keypad


Always make sure you lock the door when you leave the villa.
STEP 1: Press the button on the top of the key pad.

STEP 2: Manually turn the deadbolt counter-clockwise as the green button flashes.

You need to pull the door handle towards you to ensure the deadbolt lines up properly in the door frame. Always double-check that the door has locked before walking away.


  1. AIR CONDITIONING - Please do not set the AC unit below 72 degrees. Turning it any lower will cause it to freeze up. This is a total bummer if it's a hot day because often there's a wait time to get the fix-it guy to come out. So, 72 is your lucky number.  
  2. POOL LIGHT - There is a light for the pool if you'd like to swim at night. This is one of my favorite things to do! You can find it above the gold shelf, which is to the left of the TV set. It's a dial timer, so just spin it clockwise to turn it on.
  3. TV's - The TV's are notoriously tricky to figure out. To turn the main TV on, use the Frontier remote and hit the "TV" button in the top-left corner. If you hit the "Power" button on the Frontier remote, that will turn the cable box on and off. If you see a floating Frontier logo, that means the TV is on, but the cable box is off. Hit the "Power" button on the top-right of the Frontier remote to turn the cable box on.

    Make sure the "Input" on the TV is set to "HDMI2" if you just want to watch TV channels. If you'd like to watch a DVD, just hit the "Input" button on the TV and set it to "DVD". The little RCA remote controls the DVD player. 
  4. TRASH & RECYCLING - The trash is taken once a week on Monday. Please place all trash you may have in proper trash bags (we've provided a few for your convenience), and place it in the grey trash bin out front. Pull the trash bin to the curb on Sunday night sometime after 7pm if you're staying in the villa during that time the week. Once it's been emptied on Monday, please pull the bin back to its designated spot in front of the house. The trash guys do come early in the morning on Monday and are a bit noisy. The people sleeping in the front rooms will probably hear the truck beeping. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

    The recycling is taken once a week on Friday. Please place all recyclables in the yellow bin and pull it to the curb sometime on Thursday night after 7pm. Only items in properly placed in the official bins will be disposed. Once it's been emptied, please pull it back to up the house and nestle it in between the bushes near the trashcan. 

    The HOA fines residents who leave the bins and cans out by the curb on non-trash and recycling days. Every once in a while I get a notice in the mail, which reflects poorly on me and costs $$$, so please be mindful about how you handle the trash. "Fines" are totally not "fine". It's such a misnomer. :) Thank you in advance for your consideration in how you handle the trash & recycle days. 
  5. FOOD - Please keep all food put away when you're not eating. The ants in Florida are extremely persistent even in spite of our monthly treatments by an exterminator. Let Tammy know if you're seeing more than a few here and there. Those little ant baits you can buy at the super market also work really well. So, if you see more than you feel comfortable with, I suggest you grab one or two of those and sit it out. 
  6. GRILL - If you're using the grill, please be mindful the cleaning staff does not attend to it. Please empty the grease trap and clean the grate off after use so the next guests can enjoy it. There's an extra propane tank in the garage if you need it. If the tank gets empty, please let Tammy know so she can fill it up. 
  7. POOL HEAT - If you paid for the pool heat, which is available year round excluding June, July and August, please note the maximum temperature is 87° F (30,5 C). It does not make the water "hot," it simply takes the chill off to make swimming during the cooler months more pleasant.

    Pool heat also takes about 24 hours to warm up completely. If you leave the pool cover on the pool when it's not in use, the heat stays trapped inside, which makes for nicer swimming later when you take it off. Just as a safety reminder, never swim while the pool cover is on. Always remove it completely before swimming. 
    If you haven't purchased pool heat in advance, but would like it, it's available for $25 per day plus 6% tax with a 3-consecutive day minimum. Tell me ASAP, and I'll send you an invoice via email that can be paid with credit card. The invoice must be paid in full before Tammy will turn it on. Also, no refunds can be given if you end up not swimming, if you decide it's too cold for you to swim, or if the weather is bad. Sorry about that! Unfortunately the gas keeps burning whether or not you make full use of it during your stay.  

    As a final note, we sell pool heat separately to keep the property rates as low as possible. It takes a significant amount of gas to heat the pool, and raises the bill noticeably, which is why it can't be included in the rate. Thanks for understanding...
  8. PARKING - The HOA is starting to tow cars that are not parked appropriately. Parking on the road is not officially permitted, especially if it blocks access to someone's home.  So, please use the two designated parking spots in front of the house to avoid getting towed. 
  9. QUIET HOURS - The neighborhood observes quiet hours. We request that you don't throw parties, play music, or make loud noises anytime between 9pm and 7am. We also expect the same courteous behavior of other neighbors. If you notice someone is disturbing the peace, you can kindly ask them to keep the noise down. Or, call the non-emergency police from the house phone at (863) 419-3306 
  10. HAVE FUN!
    I really enjoy hosting guests and love that our home is a place where families that make memories that will last a lifetime. I hope you feel at home in our villa and have a GREAT TIME!



Publix at Berry Town Centre in Davenport Florida


2424 Sand Mine Rd, Davenport, FL 33897

Less than 5 mins.

Super Target in Davenport, Florida


3200 Rolling Oaks Boulevard, Kissimmee, FL 34747

11 mins.

Dollar General in Davenport, Florida


49571 U.S. 27, Davenport, FL 33897

5 mins.


Priscilla Montanez, Brunello Villa’s property manager, will be on-hand should you need any urgent assistance during your stay. She is local to the area and is just minutes away should you need her. Please see your check-in email for her contact info. 

If you have any non-urgent questions during your stay, please contact Erin Weigel. I live in a different timezone—6 hours ahead—so, please be patient with my response times. My info can be found in your check-in email. 

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